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100% Linen Shirts

Linen ShirtIf you're having trouble processing 100% linen shirts try a hot head press.

Steam air finishing equipment will not give the desired hard finish required for most cellulose fabrics such as linen. For a hard finish you need a hot head press or utility press with combination head, a steam iron with cotton and linen settings, a water spray gun, a flannel cover made to fit the press buck, and a press cloth.

First, press the sleeves and other small areas of the shirt. Spray evenly with a fine mist of water and use a sleeve board and hand iron.

Then, place the garment on the buck and apply buck steam, but do not use excessive steam since this tends to soften the fabric. Apply another fine mist of water to an area just large enough to be handled in one lay, set the lay, and smooth under the vacuum.

For stubborn wrinkles you may need to apply a little more water with a damp press cloth. Lower the head, apply pressure, vacuum under pressure, and lift the head. Continue steaming, misting, and pressing until the shirt is complete.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 11/16/2017 11:30:58 AM