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Mysterious Underarm Discoloration


Q: I just took a blue silk blouse out of the cleaning machine and where the perspiration has discolored the underarms, holes have appeared. This has happened before and the customers always think i...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/7/2016 2:11:53 PM

Quick Fix to Stop Breaking Collar Buttons

Too much pressure can cause collar buttons to crack and break.

Q: What can we do to prevent the breaking and cracking of the small buttons used to hold the collar down on shirts? We try to keep the padding in good shape but the buttons just keep breaking. A:...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/18/2015 10:44:10 AM

Whites Turn Gray


Q: I have received complaints from several customers that their white garments are gray. This seems to be a problem if only one piece of an outfit is brought in for cleaning. What is causing the probl...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/1/2017 10:39:22 AM
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