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2017 Human Resources Management Checklist


The Seay Management Human Resources Management Checklist ensures that you implement “best practices” in terms of policies, procedures, manuals and documents to hire and retain good employees and motiv...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/20/2016 7:55:28 AM

An Easy Way to Go Social

Social Media

DLI’s new service will help members populate and update their Facebook feeds effortlessly to build engagement with customers. By Ian P. Murphy Outside the plant, most drycleaners already know so...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/18/2017 10:05:46 AM

DLI Certification

Get Certified with DLI! DLI offers three certification designations to drycleaners: Certified Professional Drycleaner (CPD®), Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED®), and Certified Professional W...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 8/12/2016 11:46:32 AM

Don't Overload


Redeposition is the number one problem in cleaning performance today. Several factors can be the cause. Perhaps the most common and easiest way to correct this problem is to avoid the bad habit of ove...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/5/2017 10:24:16 AM

Encyclopedia App Contains Vast DLI Knowledge Base

App in hand

A new web interface and mobile app for the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning puts the entirety of DLI’s vast stores of knowledge and research at members’ fingertips. By Ian P. Murphy Members know they ...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 6/6/2017 7:54:34 AM

Ensuring Your Laundry and Drycleaning Quality

LPE Chart

How To Use DLI's Cleaning Performance and Laundry Performance Evaluations Drycleaning Performance Evaluations (DPE) and Laundry Performance Evaluations (LPE) by the Drycleaning and Laundry Insti...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/16/2018 9:28:14 AM

Free Webpage Offers Invaluable Benefit to DLI Members

Example site

Somewhere a customer is searching for a drycleaner in her city. The yellow pages have been recycled long ago, the newspaper subscriptions have been cancelled. She's searching Google on her smartp...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 6/28/2016 9:18:09 AM

How is Your Cleaning Quality?


The importance of maintaining the solvent in the best possible condition cannot be over emphasized. The Cleaning Performance Evaluation (CPE) is available to DLI members. In may cases, this service ca...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 10/3/2017 11:44:37 AM

How to make the best of the Clean Show

Clean Show Image

Clean 2017 is known as the one event “Where the Industry Comes Together.” It is the best place to learn and network with thousands of exhibitors and attendees. Since this event is only held every...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/21/2017 9:40:16 AM

Membership Shows its Real Value


More operators are taking advantage of DLI’s revised fee schedule, which simplifies access to membership benefits. By Ian P. Murphy Early in 2014, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) mad...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/7/2016 2:07:36 PM

Proper Classification is Important


Are you classifying loads for best cleaning results? Garments should be separated by weight, finish, and color in preparation for cleaning. Heavy and light weight garments should be grouped separat...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/23/2018 8:16:48 AM

Ready for the Beach?

I’ve got so much to tell you about I can barely think of where to start. First, I'm really excited about the upcoming DLI/NCA conference in the Dominican Republic. Our educational program deals wit...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/12/2016 1:08:48 PM

Sustainability Saves

Reducing a plant’s environmental impact often leads to reduced operational costs—and customer goodwill. By Ian P. Murphy Since the beginning of the Internet age, consumers have been doing more r...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/8/2016 4:01:18 PM

Towels and Stain Removal


The use of white hand towels on the stain removal board is an absolute necessity. Following is a list of the many uses of towels. Testing for colorfastness. Apply a small amount of the agent to ...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 5/31/2017 7:57:01 AM

What Members Are Saying about DLI


Click around to see what members are saying about DLI. Click here for a full screen view. Click a quote to see the entire item. Click the + sign to see more quotes about a given topic.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 2/27/2017 8:26:24 AM

When You Want Something Done Wrong – Do It Yourself!

Dave Beatty

From the President I think one of the toughest things for a business owner to do, is to admit that a problem was his or her own fault. We are so busy and doing so many things at one time that we c...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/17/2017 9:14:17 AM
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