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Antiperspirant Damage

Anitperspirant DamageIf, after cleaning, holes appear in the underarm area of a cotton shirt, prolonged contact with antiperspirants could be the cause. Antiperspirants are very acidic by nature and also contain high concentrations of aluminum chlorides, which can damage cellulose fibers. Usually the fabric will remain intact (although chemically weakened) until the agitation of a laundering process separates and tears the weakened yarns.

The tears or holes are mainly confined to the underarm area. While the fabric in the body portion of the shirt remains strong, this area is weak and splits quite easily. This local area may also show a lighter shade of discoloration or staining. This type of progressive degradation of the fabric may be prevented by removing antiperspirants from garments as soon as possible after wear. Sometimes the customer can use a deodorant with a neutral pH rather than an acidic antiperspirant. Launderers cannot prevent damage to fabrics that have already been degraded by improper use of antiperspirants.

Unfortunately, once the fabric has been chemically degraded to the point of causing holes or tears, the damage is irreversible.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/18/2018 12:27:50 PM