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Avoiding Comforter Damage

Down Comforter Q: It seems like more and more “down-fill” comforters are busting apart in my cleaning machine these days. Is there any way to prevent this damage?

A: This type of damage usually occurs when the comforter has not drained sufficiently, thus entering the extract cycle still heavy with solvent. The pocket quilt stitching or “Karo” design stitch threads are usually stronger than the shell fabric, so if the item is solvent-laden at the extract start up, catastrophic pressure on the fabric may cause it to rip at the stitch points. In some instances, excessive agitation of the cleaning cycle alone can create damage. Minimize the chance of such damage by cleaning down-fill comforters on a short cleaning cycle with low solvent level. Extend the drain time considerably to remove most of the solvent weight prior to any high-speed extraction. A little extra patience and care for such items can prevent an ugly mess and a more ugly claim.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/12/2017 8:32:25 AM