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Be Careful what you ask for….

ChartBy DLI CEO Mary Scalco

We all know the old adage but in this case I am happy to say we were very pleased with the input received from members on our recent survey.  Thank you to everyone who took time to provide feedback on their DLI membership, close to 10% of our membership responded to the survey.

Now I don’t mean to imply that all the responses were easy to hear but constructive criticisms were few and far between and we appreciate the many compliments and suggestions for improvement.  This earlier post breaks down what we learned from you but I wanted to share my personal responses and interpretations of the data.  The majority of responses indicated hiring, firing, and motivating employees is head and shoulders. I must say as an individual responsible for overseeing staff, some days can be challenging.  The other big request was for benchmarking information—you want to know how your business compares to others in the industry. We will be reaching out to you again to get information on your operating costs, so look for that in the near future. Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to complete that survey.  I can’t promise it will be as short as our opinion survey but we will make it as painless as possible.

Information, whether online, print or over the phone, came up among the top reasons members invest in membership.  Our challenge is to continually look to deliver the most relevant, technically correct information in a variety of formats.  Case in point is the new DLI App that provides easy to use stain removal procedures and the TABS bulletins (the bulletin series ranked highest in the survey).  Following on the positive response, we introduced the new Garment Analysis App, allowing members to access and get analysis reports on mobile phones and devices. Good thing, too, because the garment analysis laboratory is one of the most popular services we offer.

We are looking at updating the online Encyclopedia of Drycleaning, our next most popular service among survey respondents. We update the Encyclopedia's bulletin volumes with each new issue of Fabricare to keep it relevant and useful. We plan to redesign the user interface, improve the search function, and optimize access for tablet devices.

While we may have closed the survey, please do not hesitate to give us a call, e-mail, snail mail, Facebook, Tweet, or even fax! We really do value your input and we're putting what you shared to use in improving our services for you. Frankly, this is how we are doing our best to earn your continued support.


Onward and upward,

Mary Scalco
Drycleaning & Laundry Institute
14700 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD 20707

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/7/2016 1:33:27 PM