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Broomstick Pleats

Broomstick Pleats

Q: I had a randomly pleated scarf with a dryclean only care label. All of the pleats opened up after drycleaing. The scarf was not acceptable to my customer. Is there any thing I can do to restore it?

Many of today’s garments contain random pleating called broomstick pleating. They may be made of different fabrics.

How long the pleats will remain sharp and clearly defined depends on the fiber contents, how the pleats were set, and the care given to the garment. Pleats in garments made from rayon and silk often have less permanency than polyester. Garments with broomstick pleats should be processed according to the care instructions. Lost pleats due to improper care or pressing are typically the responsibility of the cleaner.

Stain Removal

In stain removal, dryside stain removal agents should not affect the pleats. However, wetside stain removal procedures may result in loss of pleats. Test in an inconspicuous area.


A broomstick-pleated article should be cleaned in a net bag.

If the manufacturer suggests wetcleaning, immerse into the washing solution, rinse, and lightly extract. The garment may be lightly twisted, tied into a knot or slipped into a nylon stocking, and air-dried.


Some garments may eventually require repleating. In some cases the garment has to be sent to a pleating company. Before sending the garment to a pleating company, repleating can be attempted at the plant. Pick up the pleats with your fingers and gather them as if trying to make a rope. Twist the pleats in the shape of a rope and tie them with a string to secure. Place the garment on the buck of the utility press; roll the article while steaming. Apply light pressure with a pressing pad. Untie the garment after it cools down.

In most cases a garment can be restored by the above method. Successful repleating/restoration depends on the fiber contents and the condition of the garment.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 2/10/2016 8:40:46 AM