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Can You Learn How to Crawl Again?

Dave Beatty

By David Beatty, DLI 2016-2017 President

We have all heard the expression you need to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.

What happens when you are running your business but have forgotten the basics you needed to be successful when you first started out? Maybe you notice sales aren’t as good as they used to be or that some of your best customers haven’t been in for a while. Sound familiar?

Okay, so what do you do? The easy way, to let yourself off the hook, is to look for someone else to blame. Isn’t that what most people do, when they make a mistake? It’s not my fault – someone else is to blame – I am a victim here! But what happens when you do that? Things probably will not improve and will only get worse. So then they look for more people to blame for the condition they are in. They just consider themselves victims.

I am sure we have all been around owners who are driving their companies into bankruptcy. They won’t even consider the possibility that they have done anything wrong. It was somebody else’s fault; pick one, the president, congress, or state or local government or the fashion industry or the next generation that took their customers away. They have convinced themselves that they were doing excellent work and their customers left them because of things outside of their control. Please don’t let this be you.

When my son was young I volunteered as an assistant to a very good baseball coach. I remember one game where the pitcher from the other team was bouncing his pitches before the plate and the umpire was calling them all as strikes. The kids on our team complained to our coach that how could they win when this was happening? He told them that winners do whatever it takes to win and if that a ball in the dirt is a strike, well then now we know where to throw strikes. With his leadership, we went on to win that game and many more!

I want to challenge you to tackle your problems a different way. Look at your business the way you did when you started. Does it look new and modern, have you studied so you know how to do your job better than anyone else? Do you go to work with a sense of excitement wondering what progress you can make on growing your company? Think back to when you first started to crawl with your business and all that you did and saw around you every day. It was scary, fun and difficult, and each day we learned new things that helped us move forward.  We listened to advice and weren’t afraid to ask for a helping hand when we needed it. We couldn’t wait to learn and try new things all the time.

DLI is a tremendous source of information, training classes and materials, laundry and drycleaning quality tests, a stain removal app, the encyclopedia of everything drycleaning, and the rest of our world. The analysis lab can help you with problems and what went wrong. And don’t forget the in-store secret shoppers.  DLI has a dedicated staff of industry experts who genuinely come to work each day to help you be successful. They are great people but you have to involve them into your business to receive all the benefits of your membership. Give them a call or chat with them when you visit DLIonline.org. You won’t be sorry. Remember, you only have to ask for advice and help in running your operation better. It is all there waiting for you at DLI.

So why not look at your business the way you did when you were starting to crawl and get a whole new perspective on how to do things. Start your crawling again today!

David Beatty, Owner
Murrysville Cleaners
Murrysville, PA
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 5/16/2017 8:59:46 AM