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Caring for Needlepoint

NeedlepoinHow you clean any needlepoint or embroidery piece depends on the condition of the piece, the nature of the materials used, the results of colorfastness tests, and the type of soiling. Whether you wetclean or dryclean a needlepoint piece, follow these guidelines before cleaning. See Fabrics & Fashions Bulletin No. 539 in DLI's Drycleaning Encyclopedia for more detailed cleaning instructions.
  • Examine the item for weak areas. If present, back with undyed, unbleached, washed muslin or nylon net. Use as few stitches as possible. Remove trims, if possible, that may be damaged in cleaning.
  • Remove airborne dust and dirt. Cover the textile with fiberglass-coated screening. Do not use metal, as it may rust. Using a very low power hand vacuum cleaner, vacuum over the surface. Be careful. Fragile, weak fabrics may not withstand this process.
  • Test for colorfastness before using any stain removal agent.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/11/2018 12:00:11 PM