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Chenille Sweaters

Chenille.jpgQ: How do you clean a sweater with soft, fuzzy yarns in the fabric? What type of fiber is this?

A: The sweater described is made with chenille yarns. Short fibers are inserted in the yarn to make the fuzzy texture, giving the fabric a soft and luxurious appearance. Unfortunately, the fuzzy fibers are often not secured in the yarn and can be removed with rubbing and abrasion. The yarns can also be easily snagged, especially when used in a loose-knit construction. The yarn may be made from synthetic or natural fibers. The chenille yarn is usually used in sweaters, but it is also popular in accessories and even some household items, such as furniture throws.

Minimize agitation. If drycleaning is recommended, place the item in a net bag and run for two to three minutes on a short cycle. Do not overload the machine. Use drying temperatures appropriate for the fiber content. If washing is recommended, hand wash to reduce the possibility of snagging. Lay flat to dry unless otherwise indicated on the care label.

Finishing is usually not needed if the item is removed from the machine immediately after cleaning. If necessary, steam lightly and avoid pressure on the fabric while it is moist with steam.

For more information on chenille fabrics, consult DLI Bulletin FF-479.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/15/2016 3:00:32 PM