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Quality Control Tools

I think the videos are well done. I don't have to be convinced of the GREAT VALUE of the service. In 40 years it is truly the only way we know the quality of our cleaning. My dry cleaners are always impatient to get the results. It is like getting a report card. We proudly display the certificate in all of our stores. It to me is a no brainer.

-Dave Felch

A wide range of testing services designed to help you run a top quality, cost-effective operation are available to DLI's members. Our skilled technicians can perform the critical tests and issue concise reports that every plant needs to be efficient and avoid unnecessary costs.

Drycleaning Performance Evaluation Service

Poor solvent or system performance can mean graying, shrinkage, and damaged garments. DLI's Drycleaning Performance Evaluation will tell you how well your drycleaning system is working. Your system is tested for whiteness retention, water-soluble soil removal, percentage of redeposition, and factors you need to control to give your customers top quality.

Laundry Performance Evaluation Service

DLI's Laundry Performance Evaluation Service is a way for you to maintain quality washroom formulas and procedures. The test piece isevaluated for whiteness retention; bleach effectiveness, blood stain removal, and tensile strength loss. DLI's report includes a quality rating and recommendations for corrections if a problem is indicated.

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