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DLI Members Facing Employee Issues and Bogged Down by Paperwork


DLI department heads are investigating an area for development. In order to determine where to focus, this January DLI asked members four simple questions. After sending the survey by e-mail three times 162 responses were collected and tabulated. Member responses established clear indicators for each of the four questions.


The survey was anonymous and responses were untraceable by DLI staff unless members opted to include an e-mail address. Of those who supplied an e-mail address, most were sent a thank you e-mail including bulletins of topics they mentioned as problematic or worthy of further investigation. In the 109 years DLI has researched and produced bulletins on nearly every drycleaning-related topic. Staff were able to identify potentially helpful bulletins and share them with members based on their responses.


Primary Problems

Question one asked members, "What is the most challenging part of your day when it comes to running your drycleaning operation?"


The majority of respondents, 71 members, indicated employee matters as their top item of concern. Second and third were customer service and quality assurance issues, combined to make up 35 responses. DLI has a plan to help members with the employment issues. For customer service, see our Secret Shopper bulletin coming up in the March/April 2016 Fabricare, coming soon. As always, please feel free to call 800-638-2627 or email techline@DLIonline.org for further assistance.


Best Bet

Question two asked, "What is the most useful thing DLI has done for you?"


Calling DLI to speak to a technical expert ranked very highly in responses to this question, but came in behind TABS, problem garment profiles, articles, and other bulletins on the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning Online. DLI's International Textile Analysis Laboratory and School of Drycleaning Technology were rated just behind the online information available. After that was the DLI app with stain solutions and TABS library.


Time Consuming

Question three inquired, "What business task takes up most of your time?"


Members are bogged down in administration, according to the responses. With 39 responses, employee relations topped the chart, while administration, paperwork, and business management came in just behind with 38 responses. Production and bookkeeping were tied at 21 responses each, indicating that members are struggling to get out of the office to do more work. Don Desrosiers touches on the idea of being stuck in the office while other work stagnates. Look for his item in the upcoming March/April 2016 Fabricare. DLI will send a link to members when the digital copy is available.


Finding Time

Question four asked, "If you had more time, what would you learn about that might help your business?"


Here, responses from members were all over the chart. The majority of members stated industry benchmarks and production standards (21) as a major area of interest. Marketing (16), diversification (15) and employee relations (14) were also very important. Social media is another area of high concern. DLI has produced several articles on this topic lately, including the cover story of the January/February 2016 issue: "Inbound Marketing for Drycleaners." Inbound Marketing focuses on the use of social media to indirectly market to consumers, being available to be found when they are seeking you for very little cost, as opposed to running expensive ads with limited shelf lives. A PDF of the article is available here.


Future Forward

DLI staff members are working to provide the best advantage to your membership. Identifying areas of concern is a major part of determining the area of focus for DLI's next new membership benefit. Thanks to all members who participated and shared their thoughts on how DLI can be of more help as we move forward.


Posted By Harry Kimmel | 2/12/2016 3:24:16 PM