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DLI Membership Value increases

Member Word Cloud2Since 2014’s reorganization of DLI’s Membership Plan structure, the Institute has steadily added new resources and services.

Since then your investment in DLI has not changed. However, inflation and a host of new projects at DLI require a slight adjustment. Effective April 1, dues will increase by $1.66 each month or $20 a year in all categories.

What have we done for you lately?
Here’s a quick list of membership enhancements:

  • 2015 - Stain Removal instructions smartphone app makes it easier for cleaners to find spotting solutions

  • 2015 - Partnership with MarketWise Solutions brings secret shopping into member plants at special rates

  • 2016 - Garment Analysis app reduces costs and vastly improves convenience and turnaround time for garments in DLI’s International Textile Analysis Lab by allowing members to submit images instead of actual garments

  • 2016 - Starchup partnership gives members 15% off service that provides the routes of tomorrow

  • 2016 - After a survey indicated members wanted help with human resources, DLI responded by partnering with Seay Management Consultants to get DLI members an hour of free consultation and reduced rates

  • 2016 - Launched a new online chat service to help members get answers as quickly as possible

  • 2016 - DLI partnered with NIE Insurance to help members access professional, industry-specific insurance with a 6% discount in 33 U.S. states

  • 2017 - Big surprises to come at Clean 2017 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned!

Always Improving
We hope you’ll agree that DLI is making itself more valuable to your business everyday and that a $1.66 monthly increase is a bargain. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve your business and are excited about a our industry’s bright future. Check out what DLI drycleaners are saying about their membership. If you have any suggestions for how DLI can improve its service to you, please call our Membership Department at 800-638-2627, connect with our online chat at DLIonline.org, or email Membership@DLIonline.org.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/7/2017 10:08:29 AM