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Don't Overload

RedepositionRedeposition is the number one problem in cleaning performance today. Several factors can be the cause. Perhaps the most common and easiest way to correct this problem is to avoid the bad habit of overloading the washer, which for production reasons is practiced in quite a few plants all over the country. Overloading the washer will cause higher soil redeposition and greying, because the "overload" of garments restricts the flow of the filtered solvent through the wheel.

Because of this restricted solvent flow, the soil removed from the garments stays in the load longer, and therefore increases the chance for redeposition. Under loading the washer by 20 percent of its capacity ensures an unrestricted solvent flow between and around the garments and will help prevent this problem. Overloading the washer will increase production but the price in cleaning quality will be paid.

Redeoposition is also caused by dirty, improperly filtered solvent.

The image shows a sweater that was cut in half. Half of the sweater was cleaned properly and the other half was "cleaned" in a system with poor solvent. The two sides were stitched back together to show the difference in one image.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/5/2017 10:24:16 AM