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Drapes.jpgQ: Why do draperies sometimes develop large yellow or tan rings after drycleaning?

A: Many drapery fabrics have sizings or finishes applied during manufacture for stability, luster, and desired hand. Drapery fabrics accumulate water soluble soils during use. If moisture from rain or window condensate contacts the fabric, the soils and sizings are disturbed. As the moisture evaporates, the soils and sizings migrate to the outer edges of the wet area and a ring is formed. The rings may become more apparent once the item is exposed to heat in cleaning.

Since the stains are best removed with water, draperies with this type of damage may benefit from a professional wetcleaning process. There is the possibility of shrinkage and a change in color or texture from this process, so the customer needs to be informed of the risks before proceeding.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/26/2017 12:01:54 PM