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Choosing A Drycleaner


Members of DLI, as do members of any trade association, have an advantage over others in their profession. DLIprovides its members with quality information and knowledge about the cleaning industry. Members are educated and kept up-to-date on the latest industry information, cleaning techniques, solutions for problem garments, finishing procedures, new regulations, and technical operating information direct from our award winning magazine, Fabricare, and Fabricare Resources our Journal of Technical Bulletins.

If Members need help, DLI's technical experts are just a phone call away. Whether the question is on stain removal, finishing procedures, equipment related, or general business, DLI staff provides the answers.

DLI has a variety of training venues members can take advantage of--Resident Classes, Self Study Courses, Field Seminars, Videotapes, and On-Site Consultation. DLI training programs develop skills which allow cleaners to produce better quality work more efficiently and effectively which translates into better looking garments.

DLI’s Certification Programs provide validation and recognition for professional qualifications and knowledge about; professional drycleaning procedures (Certified Professional Drycleaner - CPD), professional wetcleaning procedures (Certified Professional Wetcleaners - CPW) and environmentally sound drycleaning procedures (Certified Environmental Drycleaner - CED).

DLI members have access to the International Textile Analysis Laboratory (ITAL), which determines the cause and responsibility when garments are damaged in drycleaning or laundry. ITAL solves more than 20,000 difficult cleaning problems and disputes each year.