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Fair Pricing

Seal of Approval Drycleaners Adhere to a Fair Pricing Policy

Drycleaners who have achieved the Seal of Approval are committed to non-gender-based pricing and understand that prices should not be based on discriminatory factors (such as whether a garment appears to belong to a man or a woman).

Seal of Approval drycleaners consider the cost it takes to care for an item when they set prices, and strive to charge the same price for garments of a similar type. For example, a pair of men's dress slacks and a pair of women's dress slacks would usually be expected to be the same price, if all factors are equal. If one of the pairs of slacks are fully lined, or if they are made of silk instead of cotton or wool, there may be a difference in price because of the additional labor to separately press the lining, or because of the additional handling that silk requires.

Some differences which result in additional work are fairly obvious - for example, a blouse with no ornamentation compared to one with extensive trim and beads, or a straight skirt versus one with 30 pleats, each of which must be individually pressed in place. Other factors which result in additional work may not always be as obvious, such as the following:

  • Dark or bright colored fabrics with unstable dyes
  • Delicate trims or stretch fabrics
  • Epaulets or military creases
  • Fragile buttons or novelty fasteners
  • Pleats on front, back, collar, pockets
  • Care label requires, "Hand / gentle wash, wash separately, dry flat or cool iron"
  • Specifically requested instructions outside the normal process

If you have a question about what appears to be a difference in pricing between two articles, we suggest that you ask to speak with the store owner or manager to resolve the question. Occasionally, mistakes can occur at the front counter when your garments were marked in, and this can sometimes occur if you are a first-time customer or use that particular business infrequently and the counter representatives are not as familiar with your garments.

If after speaking with the owner or the manager you feel you still haven't gotten a satisfactory explanation, you may wish to contact the local Better Business Bureau, your county or state Office of Consumer Affairs, or the Clothing Care Council.

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