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Finishing Acetate

Microscopic AcetateFabrics containing acetate fibers, such as those shown in the microscopic image, require special precautions in the care process. Sometimes dull areas appear on garments containing acetate after finishing. The acetate fabric can deluster from improper drycleaning, stain removal, and finishing processes. The delustered areas look dull or chalky.

If the item is drycleaned while wet from a stain removal procedure, the dampened areas will deluster. The delustering of acetate fabrics can also occur during finishing if the item is first sprayed with moisture and then steamed from the buck. Delustering can occur from high solvent temperatures and excessive moisture in the system.

The damage can sometimes be remedied by spraying 28 percent acetic acid on the affected areas and then allowing the garment to dry. The area should then be flushed with the steam spotting gun and the item should be hung aside to dry completely.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 11/3/2017 12:18:35 PM