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Garment Analysis

App Simplifies, Streamlines, and Speeds Up Garment Analysis Process
No Boxes
No Waiting
No postage
No package insurance
Get an official Garment Analysis report right on your mobile device!

DLI's Garment Analysis App enables you to skip the time and expense of sending garments to DLIís International Textile Garment Analysis Laboratory for analysis. Our experts examine photos you send with some basic information. With this information and imagery, DLI experts can identify most garment problems.

The app is free on Appleís iOS App Store and Google Play Store but only usable by DLI Members with a current member ID number. There is a $24 fee per garment analysis using this method, down from the $36 expense (plus shipping to and from DLI) associated with a physical analysis. You get the same report you are used to seeing from DLIís objective, scientific, and impartial third-party laboratory.

DLI Silver members get two free analyses included as part of the DLI Silver Membership package.
Gold Members get four analyses and Premier Members get 10.

Learn how the lab works in this post on DLI's Drycleaning Blog.

Avoid Unjustified Claims and Improve Customer Retention

Quick Turnaround and Easy-to-Use

DLIís International Textile Analysis Laboratory (ITAL) is the recognized authority on how and why an item performed or failed to perform. This member service:
  • Assist customers when returning a damaged garment to the retailer or manufacturer.
  • Pinpoint problems with a garment.
  • Keep the problem from happening again by educating your staff.
  • Receive timely answers with quick turnaround.
  • Download a Request for Analysis form here.

Learn how the lab works in this post on DLI's Drycleaning Blog.

Heads Up! for this Problem Garment Monthly E-Alert

  • Receive timely e-alerts of problem garments and whoís responsible.
  • Keep you and your customers apprised of problem garments so you can catch them before issues arise.
  • Display alerts at the front counter to educate customers.

Restoration ServicesóLets You Be the Hero

  • DLI saves your customersí damaged or heirloom garments, and you take all the credit!
  • Be proactive with your customer service and let us fix any mishaps before your customer sees it.
  • Have us restore garments that may be a little too tricky or time consuming for you to handle.