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Garment Analysis


Quick Turnaround and Easy-to-Use

DLI’s International Textile Analysis Laboratory (ITAL) is the recognized authority on how and why an item performed or failed to perform. This member service:
  • Assist customers when returning a damaged garment to the retailer or manufacturer.
  • Pinpoint problems with a garment.
  • Keep the problem from happening again by educating your staff.
  • Receive timely answers with quick turnaround.
  • Download a Request for Analysis form here.

Click here for more information on our Garment Analysis services.

Heads Up! For This Garment E-Alert

  • Receive timely e-alerts of problem garments and who’s responsible.
  • Keep you and your customers apprised of problem garments so you can catch them before issues arise.
  • Display alerts at the front counter to educate customers.

Restoration Services—Lets You Be the Hero

  • DLI save your customers’ damaged or heirloom garments, and you take all the credit!
  • Be proactive with your customer service and let us fix any mishaps before your customer sees it.
  • Have us restore garments that may be a little too tricky or time consuming for you to handle.