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Human Resources Management

In response to the overwhelming number of members who indicated their toughest challenges in running their businesses stemmed from employee relations, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute partnered with Seay Management Consultants to provide assistance. The Orlando, Florida, human resources consultant group specializes in helping small business owners navigate the choppy waters of employee relations. Through this special partnership, DLI now provides members with a wide menu of Human Resources Management services, including a toll free Employment Hotline service. When a DLI member has a situation that requires attention, up to one hour of time is covered by the retainer.

Founded in 1996, Seay Management Consultants is a nationally known Human Resources Management Consulting firm with more than 400 clients throughout the U.S. This Employment Hotline service is now available to DLI members. Seay Management Consultants will answer your questions about employment, personnel management, and Human Resources issues. Topics of expertise include compensation, wages and hours, hiring, dismissal, personnel policy, and more.

DLI members in good standing may call Seay Management and talk with Sandy Seay or one of his consultants whenever a Human Resources question arises. Seay Management consultants will answer questions and provide the advice and counsel you need to resolve just about any human resources issue. DLI provides this service to members at no cost, as another way to increase the value of membership.

Consulting Services Free to DLI Members

State and local governments enforce a multitude of employment regulations. These regulations impact how cleaners hire employees, how employees work, and what happens when employees leave - voluntarily or otherwise. America has more of these regulations than any other country in the world. When DLI members have a question about these employment matters and need an accurate, straightforward answer, they can now contact Seay Management toll free at 888-245- 6272, share the fact they are members of the Institue, and ask to speak to Sandy or one of his consultants. Members may also email Sandy Seay directly at

Hundreds of employee questions arise in day-to-day business -- questions about COBRA, FMLA, EEOC, ADA and others. Sometimes, a simple solution can turn into a complicated catastrophe if it’s not handled properly and, as Seay often says, “What’s logical isn’t always what’s lawful.” This important Employment Hotline service can provide you with comfort and assurance in managing your employees by offering you quick, direct and accurate answers to your specific questions about employment issues. Here are some sample questions:

  • I am about to dismiss an employee. Do I have a proper reason, is it properly documented, and will it stand up if it is challenged by a government investigator?
  • One of my employees has accused another employee of sexual harassment. How do I resolve this situation?
  • I have heard that an employee has a communicable disease -- what should I do?
  • An employee wants to see his personnel file. Am I required to show it to him or her?
  • Some of my employees receive "incentive compensation" in addition to their hourly rate. Am I required to pay overtime on this incentive, in addition to regular pay?
  • If a salaried employee doesn't come to work, may I deduct from his or her salary?
  • If an employee handles money and has a cash shortage, may I deduct this amount from the employee's pay?
  • If an employee leaves the company owing the company money, may I deduct the amount owed from the employee's final paycheck?
  • One of my employees has been absent for a week. May I place the employee on Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and count this past week toward the 12 weeks?
  • An employee was injured on the job and is one Worker's Compensation leave. Does FMLA play a role?
  • When an employee gives me a two week notice, do I have to accept it? If I don't accept it, do I have to pay the employee for the two weeks?
  • If an employee is dismissed or resigns, do I have to pay the employee immediately?
  • If an employee is dismissed, am I required to pay accrued vacation pay?

Special Human Resources Management Projects Available Upon Request

In addition to this important telephone service, members who would like advice and assistance on developing special management projects or resolving specific employee problems, Seay Management Consultants, Inc., will provide this service on a priority basis and at a special fee. Some projects include:

  • Writing a comprehensive employee handbook, including all the policies and procedures members need to comply with employment regulations, written in terms employees and managers can understand.
  • Developing job descriptions that comply with employment regulations, based on generally accepted Human Resources Management principles.
  • Developing a comprehensive compensation program including compensation survey, rate ranges, salary grades, and performance appraisal.
  • Conducting a Human Resources Management Audit of time cards, pay plans, personnel files, personnel policies and procedures, personnel forms, and other information to help make sure members are up to date and in compliance with state and federal employment regulations. This reduces or eliminates financial exposure to risk for members in these areas.
  • Resolving charges of discrimination, wage and hour investigations, and other employment claims.
  • Conducting an employee opinion survey, and providing analysis, evaluation, and recommendations. This can help with turnover, one of the biggest issues facing members.

Members Only

DLI members now receive free vital access to Seay Management Consultants' Employment Hotline service. The Seay team can answer critical employment questions, at no charge to DLI members. In addition, members have a ready source of information and advice for Human Resources Management projects they request, on an immediate priority basis, and at a reduce rate. Sandy Seay and his staff are “user friendly” and are anxious to talk with DLI members, so please call 888-245-6272 with any questions about this new and important service. In this way DLI is able to help members get answers to employment questions and resolve employment issues quickly.

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