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Incontinent Pads

Incontinent PadsQ: After repeated washing, incontinent pads show thinning of the facing. This damage is more apparent at the outer edges. What causes this damage?

A: This type of thinning results from normal use and care. Repeated use can abrade and weaken the fibers. This damage is further aggravated by the necessary agitation in commercial processing.

In addition, repeated exposure to strong alkaline detergents and bleaching agents in commercial laundering can degrade the fibers. Also, the item has a barrier which restricts water flow in laundering. Thus, the chemicals used in commercial laundering may not be completely and/or adequately flushed, and can wick out towards the outer edges. This contributes to the fabric degradation noted at the outer portions of the item. Damage of this type may occur on facings made from cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers or a blend of these fibers.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 8/10/2016 3:43:27 PM