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Interfacing Separation

Fusible InterfacingsGarments constructed with fusible interfacings can cause many problems for the cleaner. Of course, the main problem is a partial or complete separation of the fusible material from the shell fabric, resulting in an uneven or bubbled appearance. This damage can occur during accepted drycleaning procedures.

Usually, the fusible breakdown can be traced to deficiencies in the application or in the quality of the interfacing material itself. The fusible construction may not be completely durable to accepted cleaning procedures because of insufficient temperatures, time, or pressures used in the original bonding process. In addition, both fabrics that are intended to be bonded together must be completely compatible with no variance in stabilization factors.

It should also be pointed out that moisture, agitation, and/or heat are a few of the common enemies to interfacing durability. Therefore, the spotter must minimize the use of moisture in all spotting, and all free moisture in the cleaning system must be completely controlled by a sufficient detergent charge. Sometimes top and bottom steam with pressure, followed by vacuuming the fabric completely “cold,” will temporarily refuse the shell fabric to the interfacing so that it can be returned to wear.

Unfortunately, even the most expert of restoration attempts may not always be successful.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 8/21/2018 11:31:15 AM