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It’s Time to Make Some Pies!

Dave Beatty

I would first like to thank you, my fellow drycleaners for giving me this opportunity as President of DLI. I hope to have a great year and ask for your help and support to make that happen.

I am committed to helping every drycleaner grow our industry and engage more customers to use our many services.  You have to be a good problem solver if you have been a successful cleaner with all of the equipment, people, and problem garments we face every day! So please lend a hand.

We always talk about getting more market share or “our piece of the pie.” Well, I am here to challenge your thinking and ask you to help me and all of the DLI staff put together a plan to make new pies and to make the existing pies bigger. I believe we can do this, and we need to start now!

We can start by using part of our existing advertising to spread the word about how having clean, pressed clothes makes you happier, healthier, and more successful. We need to embrace and educate the younger generations on their need to partner with us as they start up their ladders of success in whatever profession they choose.

The Internet is ripe with opportunity to find and maintain a whole new customer base. We just have to figure out their world and become a vital part of it. Even if it takes us several attempts before we are successful, we should not be discouraged and need to start now!

I am looking for ways and ideas to launch a national program to convince consumers to use their local drycleaners more. We don’t have a large budget or expect to do this on our own. What we are hoping for is to come up with the best practices and create and distribute promotional materials each of us can use in our local markets to raise the need for professional cleaning services. Also, are there ways to use new technology, the Internet, and social media to get our point across?

If you join us in this effort and help get our message out, then as this grows across the country, we have the start of a national campaign. Individually it might not seem like much but collectively it can be a game changer!

If you feel this will never work, then stop and ask yourself if you are part of the problem or part of the solution. Please help be part of the solution!

Thank you for taking your time to read this and please send me your ideas and suggestions so together we can make a difference!


Dave Beatty, CPD®

DLI President and

Owner of Murrysville Cleaners in Murrysville, PA.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/27/2016 10:53:44 AM