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Fix It Even If It Ain't Broke

We all have a tendency to keep things the way they are, especially if they are working fine. It's comfortable; it's easy and why complicate our lives if we don’t have to? But sometimes if you leave it the way it is you may find yourself left in the dust in the future.

That’s why we introduced the DLI Stain Solver App. DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning works well, nothing the matter with it, but we knew we had to do something different for our future to be successful and I must tell you the response has been overwhelming positive. If you haven’t downloaded the new Stain Solver App to your Apple device (Android will be available later this summer) give it a try, I think you will be happy you did.

I am telling you this not just to promote a great service from DLI but to get you to look at your own business and change it up even if it is not broken. You may have a fine, healthy business with plenty of customers but take a good look at the profile of your customer. Are you appealing to that younger market? As we all know today’s young professionals do not dress like our older customers, nor do they have the same values. You can decide for yourself whether it’s better or worse but I think you will agree it is different. So we all have
to decide how to market and appeal to our up-and- coming customer base and change what may be work- ing today to make sure our business will be in demand in the future. Think Uber and the taxi industry.

This may mean marketing differently, delivering your product to them differently, even changing your pro- duction to accommodate the clothes they are wearing. Our most popular seminar at Clean 2015 was “How to Appeal to the Selfie Generation”. Our job is to help you figure it out. In addition to the new Stain Solver App we introduce a program to help your business get set up on line—Yelp, Google Maps, Google Places—all the venues your future customers look for you. Don’t think it’s important? Take someone’s, especially a 20 something’s, cellphone away from them and see what happens. Studies show 55% of us look for products online, 67% say we won’t buy a product after a bad on- line experience with the selling company.