Premier Club Members Reap Big Benefits

$5,000 VALUE FOR ONLY $995

"[DLI's Premier Club] is a great value with all the benefits provided for this price. The secret shopper program will provide externalreviews of our services which are invaluable."—John Albert, Citywide Cleaner's, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Customer relations is key and anytime we can give someone a little more knowledge we know it gives them the confidence to talk drycleaning with the customer. Anything we can do to help them helps us and the Premier Club offers that."—Gary Glover, Puritan Cleaners & Launderers, Richmond, Virginia 

"Our association with DLI over the past 22 years we’ve been in the business has given Ridge Cleaners a competitive edge with invaluable information, and has also given us greater credibility with our customers, I look forward to our membership in the Premier Club and to the many benefits it provides."—Sandy Sebastian,
Ridge Cleaners, Avon Lake, Ohio

 As you can see by the comments above, DLI’s Premier Club is taking off in a big way. The Club combines the services you need the most to survive these tight times. Free resident courses, free access to the Five-Star Management Conference, free DLI LIVE webinars, and free Secret Shopper Service are just the beginning of the services you'll gain.

The program’s value is more than $5,000. The price is only $995.

DLI’s Premier Club offers immediate access to:

Unlimited One-Week Resident Courses

The Premier Club allows you to send as many students as you wish from your designated plant (subject to available seating).

Self Study Courses-Training for Your Entire Staff

DLI’s Self Study Courses enable you to train employees at your plant or at home. Train your staff with up to 20 of these courses FREE. Topics include: Drycleaning Fundamentals, Wet Cleaning, Drycleaning and the Environment, Stain Removal (with swatches), Drycleaning Business Management, Drycleaning Finishing Procedures, Customer Service, and Fibers and Fabrics.

Five-Star Conference Registration

Each year DLI presents the best attended, most successful association Marketing & Management Conference. We are currently working on the 2012 lineup and will release details shortly.

Secret Shopper Program

12 times a year we will contact your store and give you a full report on whether your staff is friendly, giving correct and accurate information, and representing your business in a way you would like.

Garment Analysis

If you have a garment that was mysteriously damaged in cleaning, the analysts at the International Textile Analysis Laboratory can solve the case. Subscribing to the Premier Club entitles you to six FREE garment analysis reports.

Quarterly Drycleaning and Laundry Performance Evaluations

Be sure that our equipment and solvents are in top condition by running these simple test pieces. Send them back to DLI for an extensive analysis of what your equipment is—or isn't—doing.

This value of over $5,000 in products and services is offered to our members for only $995.