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Preventing Color Loss on Bedspreads & Comforters

BedspreadThe most common question faced by drycleaners when they receive a bedspread or comforter is whether it should be washed or drycleaned. Complaints of color loss or change of finish can accompany the cleaning of these items. Color loss usually becomes apparent when the cleaned bedspread no longer matches a coordinating uncleaned accessory, such as a pillow sham or drapery. The difference can range from slight frosting or fading to an over-all change or catastrophic change of all colors.

Starting at the counter, ask the customer whether the item is one piece of a matching ensemble. If it is, recommend they clean all pieces at the same time. This will help to avoid slight variances in color. Also ask the customer about the manufacturer’s recommended care procedure for these items. Missing care labels should be noted, and the bedspread dyes or pigments should be tested for colorfastness with water and detergent and/or solvent. Even if a care label is attached, testing for colorfastness is always in your best interest. If testing shows that following the recommended care process will cause problems, inform the customer before proceeding.

Dryside or wetside agents may be required to remove possible staining. These should also be tested for colorfastness before attempting treatment.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/15/2016 2:30:46 PM