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Find the best drycleaners near you

Everyone wants to know "What's the best dry cleaner near me?" As someone new to cleaning, the options are hard to differentiate. That's where DLI comes in. We take the guesswork out of finding a reliable, affordable cleaner.

Plus, you can be assured that DLI  Drycleaners have the knowledge and resources to provide great customer service and quality drycleaning services. Find a great, reliable dry cleaner near you!

For a good drycleaner, use the search below to find a DLI Professional near you!

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Several of our members have earned the following designations. To find out more information about these programs for drycleaners, click the images below:

Certirfied Evironmentall Drycleaner
Certified Environmental Drycleaner
Certified Professional Drycleaner
               Certified Professional Drycleaner
Certified Professional Wetcleaner
Certified  Professional Wetcleaner
Certified Garment Care Professional
            Certified Garment Care Professional

Drycleaning & Laundry Institute Seal of Approval

   Award Of Excellence

                   DLI Cleaners Care
                        DLI Cleaners Care