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Self Study Courses—On Your Own Schedule

Keep ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest trends and techniques.

DLI's Self-Study Courses cover topics essential in today's drycleaning industry. Each course is divided into easy-to-learn chapters that assure complete mastery of the material. The included exam will be reviewed by DLI staff. Certificates are awarded to cleaners who successfully complete each course.

Essential Self-Study Courses

Fibers and Fabrics Covers fibers sources through fabric prep
aration and general processing—including fabric construction, identification and color dyes and design. Updated and available for purchase in new format here.

Stain Removal Techniques A fundamental course that discusses stain removal techniques and procedures, stain composition, precautions and troubleshooting.

nishing Procedures in Drycleaning Learn about quality finishing through the use of finishing aides and equipment including step-by-step procedures for finishing pants, coats, skirts, blouses and sweaters.

Drycleaning and the Environment Discusses operating practices and procedures that are safe for the environment and outlines EPA, OSHA and other federal and state reg

Wet Cleaning
Reviews the steps in the wetcleaning process—inspection, testing for colorfastness, stain removal, load classification and proper drying including wet cleaning 
chemistry as well as equipment and supplies. Updated and available for purchase in new format here.

Drycleaning Fundamentals Introduces beginners to drycleaning operational techniques and procedures including drycleaning principles, filtration, distillation, solvents, detergents and moisture, and equipment.

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