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Sequin-Covered Gown

Sequin Dressweb.jpgQ: What is the best way to clean a sequin-covered gown?

A: If sequins are glued to the gown, test with the solvent used in your system to see if the glue softens. If it does, do not clean the gown. It is also wise to rub several sequins with solvent to see if the finish is removed. Do not dryclean the garment if the finish rubs off.

Some sequin-covered garments may be wetcleaned. However, test the colorfastness of the trims and fabrics before attempting this practice. Inform your customer of the test results and discuss possible consequences of wetcleaning; for example, shrinkage, texture change, loss of color, etc.

If testing shows the item has the ability to withstand drycleaning, put the item in a net bag, clean on a short cycle, and keep temperatures below 120°F. Before finishing, test sequins in an inconspicuous area to determine if they will remain flat and lustrous when steam is applied. If damage appears, remove wrinkles with a cool hand iron.

Finally, care labels in these gowns sometimes indicate: “Do Not Dryclean, Do Not Wash, Spot Clean Only.” This is a valid care label and may be a good indication that some part of the item will be damaged in an immersion process, such as drycleaning or wetcleaning.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/14/2016 10:08:30 AM