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Shine on Dark Garments

Shine on VelvetQ: I am having problems pressing dark color navy blue, brown, and black jackets and blazers. What is the best way to press such garments?

A: Care must be taken when finishing garments like these. Excessive heat and pressure will result in shine or glaze in double thick areas, such as seams, lapels, pocket flaps, etc. This kind of adverse condition may also develop on many other garments if high or excessive pressure is used. Some other factors that can contribute to adverse conditions of a fabric are the application of a vacuum while the head is down or using press pads that are no longer resilient.

The proper way to finish such garments is as follows:
  • Reduce the head pressure applied. 

  • Lay the area on the press that you intend to finish. 

  • Apply bottom steam and smooth the fabric. 

  • Bring the head down. 

  • Release the head, apply vacuum, and dry completely. 

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Posted By Harry Kimmel | 8/5/2016 11:55:00 AM