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Smart Enough to Know We Don’t Know Everything


By Mary Scalco, DLI CEO

As a member serving organization, DLI is expected to provide services and information and know the answer on a wide variety of topics.  In most cases we are pretty good.  As businesses change we have to adapt and change as well and, frankly, sometimes we are not as smart as you expect us to be.  Fortunately, we are smart enough to know when to ask for help.

We recently added a number of new partnerships in response to member inquiries and requests. We took much guidance from the survey we conducted earlier this year.

Human Resources

From our survey we learned that the number one challenge was dealing with employees.  DLI has partnered with human resources expert consultants Seay Management to provide counseling for our members on employee matters.  With a phone call members can access their resources for up to one hour counseling sessions. They also provide information on current changes to workplace regulations such as the new overtime exempt rules for Fabricare and the weekly Hot Press e-newsletter.

Route & On-Demand Mobile App

As we all know, we are glued to our phones particularly if you are under the age of 40.  How did we ever find a restaurant in a new place, get directions or send someone a text or any of the other million things we use our phone for before this?  In an effort to help members appeal to this new reality, Starch Up will develop an app for your on-demand and static route services.  What I like about Starchup is they will brand the app to your business and make it as easy as requesting an Uber ride.  Anything you can do to build brand loyalty is an asset and this system looks great and makes it dirt simple for people to give you business.

Customer Service

Our partnership with Marketwise was one of our firsts and is still a great member benefit.  Let’s face it, your customer service representatives are the face of your business. Marketwise can help you learn how your customers see you. Is your business friendly? Do your employees look up from your point of sale system or just bark out “phone number” when a customer walks in your store?  Are they talking about your current promotion or other services? 

I know you’ve got a lot to do and sometimes asking you to do one more thing is a near impossibility. Believe me, I understand how busy things can get. Please take a moment to check out the DLI website, www.dlionline.org. In an effort to improve our own customer service we set up a new live chat feature. Just like you, we need to make our services as available as possible to the people we serve. We’ve got a lot to offer and it's getting better all the time. We're working on delivering more app-based services so look for news on that in the near future.

Thanks so much for your membership!


Posted By Harry Kimmel | 8/16/2016 12:14:23 PM