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Special Care Tips For Silk

Tips on Silk (Animal Fiber)


Silk worm


Beautiful, brilliant colors
Luxurious fabrics


Due to bright colors, dye fading may occur when cleaned
Bright colors fade readily to sunlight
Discoloration and staining from perspiration

General Care:

Usually drycleanable in any solvent
If hand washing, do not twist or wring to remove moisture
Use a mild detergent when washing

Partial tumble dry to soften, followed by air drying


Blot That Spot - to remove stains, blot the area, do not rub. Rubbing silk while damp breaks the surface fibers, and creates a chalky, chafed appearance.

Don't spray perfume or hair spray directly on fabric. Dyes on silk discolor readily when contacted by alcohol-based solutions. Also, alkaline and acid products discolor silk, which includes toothpaste, deodorant, facial cleansers and moisturizers and other skin care preparations. So, finish your morning prep routine for the day before getting dressed to minimize damage.

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