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Special Care Tips For Wool

Wool (Animal Fibers)

Common Types:

Cashmere, Merino, Mohair, Virgin Wool, Angora,


Animal hair, such as from a sheep, goat, alpaca, or rabbit


Very warm, great to wear in cooler temperatures
Lighter or tropical weight fabrics were developed so wool can be worn year-round.
Very durable fabric


Holds odors, so clean regularly.

General Care:

Usually drycleanable in any solvent
If hand washing, dunk the fabric, don't twist or wring
To minimize shrinkage, do not machine wash in regular cycles.
Do not tumble dry. Air dry only.


Insects love wool fibers, and stains are like an added treat for them. Think of it as dessert after a great meal. So clean wool before storing when the season is over to minimize insect attack, and store properly.

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