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Clio, MI
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Huntsville, TX
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Huntsville, TX
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Award of Excellence Awardee Brown's Dry Cleaners

I wish to let everyone know in the Ottawa region, how extremely satisfied I am with the dry cleaning I constantly receive from Brown’s, located on Beechwood avenue in Ottawa. The service is courteous and very polite and when I go, I know I will be taken care of one on one.

I have been going to them for about ten years and the clothing I leave, I know it will be taken care of as if it was their own clothing, and that I have nothing to worry about.

–Gilles Latour

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Award of Excellence Awardee Clothes'n Time Cleaners

Wow! Talk about friendly customer service! Both Polly and Kim always greet us by name – with a big smile - and they make the visit to the cleaners a fun part of doing errands. Their friendliness and professionalism is a real credit to the business. And, our clothes are always returned laundered, dry cleaned or pressed with a real attention to detail. Now, THAT’s how quality customer service is defined at Clothes n’ Time in Trinity!

–Rich & Barb Chamberlin

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Award of Excellence Awardee Comet Cleaners

Good Morning (Good Afternoon) Mrs. Dees, How Can I Help You?"" (said with a Smile!)

Those words greet me every time I drop off or pick up. In this day and age where everyone is in a hurry, rushing and pushing. . . . this makes me feel as though someone really cares. Someone willing to help, someone who takes the time to smile and take care of me (and my clothes!)

It is evident that Customer Satisfaction and meeting the needs each day with a positive attitude, is top on your list of priorities, along with great clean clothes, it keeps us coming back.
In our book, you are the picture of Excellence and we are proud to tell others where we get our dry cleaning done.

Thanks for all you do!

–Tami Dees

I am sorry to say I haven't taken the time to have already written an appreciation letter about Comet Cleaners. I have been going to this store for ten plus years and I have always been pleased with their services. The customer service is excellent. It is extremely nice and convenient for many reasons. The attendants remember and call you by name and greet you with a smile. I do not have to point out a spot on the clothing, they always notice it and treat it. They don't break buttons. Yea, I love this. Prior to finding Comet Cleaners, we had continuous issues with the cleaners breaking our buttons and not fixing them. I can honestly say I have never received a clothing item with a broken button. The attendants at Comet Cleaners are always eager to please. We had a situation last year where we needed a shirt cleaned and pressed for a funeral. Knowing our situation and being the compassionate people they are, we were able to come back and pick the shirt up in less than a few hours. And of course, no complaints about our clothing. Our clothing is done perfectly. It is good to know I can count on Comet Cleaners to do an excellent job with our clothing and know that we can depend on them in any time of crisis. Thanks Mr. Mooney and staff. You are Huntsville's number one cleaners.

–Susan Byrd

Hello! Comet Cleaners, located in Huntsville, Texas, is deserving of the prestigious Award of Excellence accolade.

Comet Cleaners is excellent in every way! They have a friendly staff of people who enjoy their employer, employment, and their work environment! The staff at Comet greets, welcomes, and receives my dry cleaning with a smile! They regard my dry cleaning as top priority!
Comet Cleaners offers quality dry cleaning and alteration services with reasonable, affordable, prices. The staff carefully and diligently cleans my white Communion Suit each month. Each time I pick it up, it looks as if I just bought it from the department store! Each time I request alterations to be done, (a loose button that needed to be sewed, a sewing up of an opening on my dress), I was never disappointed! The staff/seamstress exceeded/exceeds my greatest expectations!
Comet Cleaners is a blessing to me; I am glad that this establishment is located within my community! I am always pleased, and never disappointed, with the Award of Excellence Comet Cleaners of Huntsville, TX!

–Latina Stroughter

I love my Award of Excellence dry cleaners because a few years ago my husband and I were leaving on a trip out of state so I put all of our clothes for the trip in Comet Cleaners one morning and put a post it note on my dashboard so I would not forget to pick them up that afternoon. It was imperative that I picked them up that afternoon because we had to be in Houston at the airport at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. I ended up working until 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom that day and when I got to the truck and saw my post it note I “panicked”. We had to leave Huntsville at 3:30 a.m. the next morning and we had to have those clothes. One of the shirts I had put in the cleaners was a competition shirt that my husband had to wear to participate in the out of state competition. I knew the owner and operator of Comet Cleaners (Jimmy Mooney) so I looked his name up in the phonebook and gave him a call. After I explained the situation Mr. Mooney happily agreed to meet me at the cleaners and 10 minutes later he was there. He left his home, came back to the cleaners, opened it up and got me my clothes. Mr. Mooney puts his customers first and goes out of his way to help them. I will never use another cleaners as long as I live in Huntsville and Mr. Mooney has a business there.

–Robyn Flowers

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Award of Excellence Awardee Greenacre Cleaners

We use Greenacre Cleaners in DeKalb, Illinois.

This past spring, our son unfortunately developed leukemia and needed a stem-cell transplant. As part of the protocol during the recovery period after the transplant, we needed to have our entire house thoroughly cleaned before he could return home. I took our 30-year old floor-to-ceiling drapes in to Greenacre Cleaners to be cleaned. We were warned that some shrinkage could occur during the cleaning process. Unfortunately, the drape fibers shrunk drastically during the cleaning process - they were about 16" shorter when we hung them back up. (It was pretty funny looking, actually!) When I called the cleaners to let them know about the shrinkage, Tom, the owner, came right out, took them down and over a period of two weeks, managed to stretch them out to recover most of the length without tearing the fibers, at no charge.This took a lot of time on his part. Tom explained that his philosophy was to make sure that every customer was satisfied, even if it took extra time.

I already knew that Greenacre Cleaners had an excellent reputation, but now we have experienced the top quality customer service attitude firsthand because the owner was willing to go that extra mile for us."

--Diane DeMers

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Award of Excellence Awardee Hour Glass Cleaners

I would like to share 2 stories with you about the ‘above and beyond’ service I have received at Hour Glass Cleaners in Chanhassen, MN.

The first service occurred on Saturday, 08/21/09. I had stopped at the cleaners to drop off some items and I was talking to the manager, Jackie Hill, about a wedding that we both were going to be attending later in the day. I had been lamenting about how I wish I had taken the tea-length dress I wore at my daughter’s wedding and had it shorten so I could wear it more often. Jackie suggested I bring the dress in and the seamstress, Irina, could shorten it for me. It was 8:30 am and asked if she could have it done by 2 pm as the wedding was at 5 pm that day. Jackie said ‘No problem’. I went home and got the dress and return for a fitting. Irina assured me that she could get it done. I returned at 2 pm and tried it on and knew immediately that it was the right decision. I went to the wedding that afternoon feeling like I had a new dress. Jackie and I toasted each other in my new dress and to Irina and how she came through for me on a short notice.

The second service occurred on Friday, 11/05/09. I had dropped off some items for cleaning and Irina the seamstress from story #1 was working. I stopped to tell her how I appreciated her great service and then asked her who fixes her sewing machines when she has problems. She said she does and asked what the problem was. I told her my sewing machine was causing me problems with uneven stitches. She said bring it in and she would look at it. I happened to have it in the trunk of my car so I brought it in. She looked it over and replaced the needle, rethreaded the machine slightly different than I do and sewed a few stitches and everything started working fine. I think between the new needle and threading the machine slightly different than I had, she solved my problems.

Irina has gone above and beyond the call of duty on both of these incidences for me. She has given me great confidence in her abilities and in Hour Glass cleaners. Jackie Hill the manager also has proved to my family that if there is a stain or cleaning issue she can get it out. She is the ultimate ‘stain buster’!

Thank you to Hour Glass Cleaners for their outstanding service and abilities!

--Doreen Seal

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Award of Excellence Awardee Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners

Hauling my dry cleaning to the drycleaners had always been some a bothersome task in the past. Once I started using Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners that monthly annoyance was gone forever. . . but WOW! I received so much more. Their weekly pick up and delivery service is phenomenal. You can always count on great service, the garments are cleaned and pressed to perfection and returned to my home every week like clockwork. Plus they go beyond the call of duty to fix loose buttons on their own accord. They put extra notes on problem areas and always call when their is a question or to get an additional charge OK. What a blessing! And they are honest too! They found $30 in one of my pockets and the next week, it came back to me in a little envelope with a note.

I would never change dry cleaners -- Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners is the best in the business! Thank you."

--Lori Tomlinson

I moved to Clio thity-two years ago and have always gone to Jan’s Cleaners. I love the friendly people that work there especially Jan and my great alteration lady Ernie.

My story is that I lost ten pounds—nothing fit me. I buy most of my clothes at specialty shops, so they are sometimes costly. I took my favorite outfits to Jan’s Cleaners to have made smaller. They all turned out so nice. To be able to go in my closet now and everything fits and is so nicely pressed is wonderful. They make you feel so special."

--Sharon Stimae

As a fellow business owner I can appreciate the commitment it takes to keep a customer once they have got one in the door. I have been using Jan’s Cleaners for 17 years now. I started with them when I was first starting my business. I was so thrilled they came to my office twice a week and would pick up & deliver my drycleaning. As a busy business professional that service has been invaluable to me over the years. However, what makes Jan’s stand out from so many who have tried to duplicate this service is just that… the service. In the very few instances that have occurred where something went wrong they have always used the Golden Rule and made me a satisfied customer. I am grateful to have them and hope they stay in business as long as I do because I sure don’t want to have to find a replacement. Thank you Jan."

--Rick Barnett, CEPP, MEP, CFCA

Jan's Dry Cleaners did an absolutely wonderful job cleaning my window coverings. They come out, take them down for you, clean them, and re-hang them in the same day.
And they look GREAT! Thanks!"

--Linda Jones

There are many reasons to love Jan's Cleaners: The service is always good, people on the phone are always helpful and follow through with what is needed. I love the no hassle pick up and delivery. The people at work are impressed my dry cleaner knows me and I don't have to wonder when I have something picked up, becauseI always know when I am getting it back.Thank you for the great service.

Susan GehlI love Jan’s Professional Cleaners because I am crazy enough to have a white winter coat. I get my coat cleaned about every 2 weeks and Jan’s does a great job of spot guarding it, removing the pills and making it look brand new, at a cost I can afford! They pick my coat up on Tuesday and I have it back on Friday. I just love their quick and efficient service! "

--Jenn Swank

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Award of Excellence Awardee Murrysville Cleaners

When I spilled red wine on my favorite cream suit, I didn't even worry. I knew Murrysville Cleaners, and Award of Excellencewinner, would get the stains out, and they did!"

--Sarah Bright

I like to support businesses that are not only good at what they do, but give back to the their community. When I learned from the manager that Murrysville Cleaners had received the "Award of Excellence," I knew they deserved it because they do so much for local charity projects."

--Jim Battaglia

When I moved to the area, I did research on the local drycleaners. I spend a lot of money on my clothes and don't mind spending the money to have them cared for properly. Murrysville Cleaners caught my eye because they received the national "Award of Excellence" multiple times. They have proved themselves and done a wonderful job on cleaning and pressing my clothes!"

--Brandon Good

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Award of Excellence Awardee Signature Cleaners

Excellent service. Excellent customer service. Very friendly. Should any cleaning problems arise, they are taken care of immediately with no complaints."

--C. Austin

I’ve been using dry cleaning establishments for 35 years and have honestly NEVER found one that could hold a candle to Mike and Signature Cleaners. He takes personal interest in his customers and goes way beyond the call of duty to insure our complete satisfaction. His staff is well-trained and wonderful to work with. If we had to move, I would drive across the city of Atlanta to continue using Mike. It’s truly a pleasure to find someone as nice and caring about his business and customers. Once found, you just don’t let go and I won’t.

--David Neale

I offer the following testimonial as my personal endorsement. I have enjoyed the quality of the work and clean and friendly atmosphere at Signature Dry Cleaners. I feel somewhat uniquely qualified to offer such an endorsementfor the following reasons:

Many years ago, I was hired by DuBois Chemical as their Laundry Specialist. Subsequently, Iworked for a custom clothiers for several years. I became familiar with all fabrics, especially woolens, cottons andsilks.In the early '80's I changed cleaners every few years before settling in with a cleaner that was convenient, but offered less than outstanding results.

Sixmonths ago,I tried Signature Dry Cleaners. I have been very pleased witheveryaspect of the work and professionalism. My shirts and drycleaning always come back just right! I would classify myself 'particular' when it comes to my laundry and drycleaning. Signature has done an exemplary job so far!"

--Morris Johnson

I am writing this email to confirm that I am a very satisfied customer of Signatur Dry Cleaner. I have been a customer for about 4 years now. I love this store, particularly because Mike Masoudi and his staff will go completely out of their way to satisfy me and my dry cleaning needs. When I go in he is always so very pleasant. I would have written you before, but I am very busy with a doctorial program for school. Even here there have been times when I needed my clothes and with this economy I didn't have the money at the time when my clothes were ready and they offered out of the blue to let me get my clothes and pay them later---that was so nice!!!!

--Berkerly Davenport

We love your signature service dry cleaning for many many reasons. First and foremost, the customer service!! We love how everyone is friendly, always gives my son a lollipop and is very patient. If there is more than 1 person in line, you always get the person behind you! You have a drive thru, a drop off after hours. In addition, if there is a garment that needs to be cleaned again, you do this. You also hem items as well for an additional charge. I love your next day service! We just love the very caring, attentive, great customer service that your dry cleaning service offers. There are many options, but I drive a few miles out of the way b/c of the things I mentioned! Your staff is very friendly. Hope your company grows to be more and more successful every year!!

--Sonny and Uma Dua

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Award of Excellence Awardee Ship Shape Cleaners

There is no one that offers the service and quality like Ship Shape Cleaners. They offer you a Nylon bag to store and drop off your items. How convenient! If it’s in by 10, it’s guaranteed by 5. If something is not cleaned to your satisfaction, they will clean it again no charge. Where else can you get service like that!"

--Tom Daly

Ship Shape Cleaners in Brookfield and New Milford are the best because they accept great responsibility in care of our clothing. We have used them weekly for 5 years. The one time a piece of clothing did not come back on time, the owner personally searched and found the missing clothing.

I trust our cleaners completely for great service and care of our clothing."

--John Ross

Customer service is a declining and today’s counter help is transient breeding surliness, individuals that are increasingly difficult to communicate with and folks that are generally unhelpful (the very reason they are there).

How refreshing it is go into the Ship Shape Cleaners in Brookfield. The counter service greets you before you enter the threshold. That is because they recognize the vehicles of regular customers. New customers are welcomed with gifts like disposable cameras. Perhaps you can’t buy a persons patronage with a throw away camera, but you do create a lasting impression. Who else valued your visit enough to give you a gift?

No matter how big or small your order is you are treated equally, more like a good neighbor than a customer. This familiarity often allows us to share our family’s information albeit a brief exchange. We actually know of each other’s spouses and relatives as well as styles of humor and attackable foibles. I actually look forward to my weekly visit with my friends.

What other business is there where you will periodically encounter one or both of the owners? Either of which may wait upon you with the same familiarity as the usual staff. Chris, Dana, Terry, Janet, and Lucy are each outgoing personalities that perpetuate the “fence line chat.”

I only have one complaint about Ship Shape Cleaners. No matter how many times they ask me for my telephone number (in order to retrieve my order), they never call…

Kindest personal regards to MY cleaners for their Award of Excellence. They earn it every day by daring to care for their customers.

Oh, did I mention, they dryclean and launder clothes too!"

--Adam D. Piskura

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Award of Excellence Awardee Sno-White Cleaners

I simply cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the first rate customer service, knowledge and care that Sno-White Cleaners provides. After months of looking atwedding gowns, I finally decided to wear the traditional filipino Mestiza dress that my mother wore the day she got married. Unfortunately, the gownhad not beenkept in an airtight case and actually had a stain on the chest the size of a quarter that could have been untreated for 28 years. We had no idea what the stain was, and being avintage dress, there were no care instructions or indication of the material.

I brought the dress to Sno-White thinking if anyone could care for the dress, they would be the best choice. Boy was I right! Carolexpressed herconcerns about the aging of the fabric, the stain and the color fastness of embroidery. She said she would do her best with everything but it was very reassuring when she mentioned that the Greensboro Historical Society trusts their garments to Sno-White.

I came back with fingers crossed, and amazingly, the dress was pristine! The stain was gone, the fabric heldand the dress was vivid. I am looking forward to walking down the isle in a unique dress that represents my family and heritage. I have Sno-White Cleaners to thank for preserving this occasion!

–Natalie Frith

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Award of Excellence Awardee Uptowne Drycleaning

My husband and I are professionals – that means a lot of suits, blouses, ties, scarves, and shirts go in and out of the cleaners on a weekly basis. We have tried several cleaners in the area ... but when collars came back bent or crushed and white shirts came back off-white, it was time to search for a new drycleaner ... again.

The Web site for Uptowne Drycleaning in Phoenix listed the owner by name (Dave Silliman) ... and provided his email address. The amount of information on the Web site ... including certifications and awards, like the Award of Excellence ... were clues that “Dryclean Dave” was a professional.

The location was a bit out of our neighborhood ... but it has been well worth it. The #1 characteristic about this Award of Excellence drycleaner, outside of excellent drycleaning, is the personalized service. The staff greet us by name and inquire about our week. We like our clothes individually bagged ... for sorting in the closet and ease for travel ... and that’s never an issue (though it was at other cleaners).

This family-owned business is just the kind of local establishment we like to frequent ... and you will too.

–Carol Hughes

My name is Andrew Weable and two days ago I submitted 8 shirts and 6 pairs of pants to Dryclean Dave Uptowne Drycleaning and this morning I just picked up my clothes. When I picked them up before I saw your flier up in their store the lady greeted me with a very cheery 'good morning!' When I gave her my ticket she immediately knew who I was and said that Dave had a question about one of my shirts. I thought they ripped off a button or damaged the shirt in some way. I have gone to probably 6-7 drycleaning companies in 5 years of living here in Phoenix and every time they say they want to talk to me about something its because my shirt or pants are damaged in some way. Sometimes I get my clothes back and there is a spot on the shirts that were not there before! Well this morning when she said Dave wanted to talk to me about my shirt naturally I thought 'Oh great, what now.' Instead of getting bad news he walked up with one of my shirts and pointed out that my shirt had some type of small oil stain on it, I didn't even know it was there and it was barely noticeable. He asked if he could keep my shirt for another day or so to work on it and get it out. I asked how much and he looked at me with an almost confused look on his face, then he stated that there was no extra charge of course! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with this customer service and must tell you that they have earned my business from now on. Also, when I turned my clothes in on Wednesday afternoon I asked how soon I could get my clothes back, the girls response at the front desk was also very impressive, she asked 'when would you like them ready?'

All in all I am incredibly impressed with the not only the stellar customer service but also the quality of work that they performed on my clothes. After I had paid and was getting ready to leave I saw your flier and knew I had to shoot you all an email with my experience at Dryclean Daves. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope that I have helped this drycleaning company in any way possible.

–Andrew Weable

Because everyone needs to know that they are the best cleaner in Arizona. I have used them for my dry cleaning since 1957, when they were on 7th Ave. and McDowell and called Best Cleaners. In 52 years I have never used anyone else because they offer wonderful quality service. They are always accommodating when you need that certain outfit the next day because of a special occasion that came up at the last minute. And last but not least they always welcome you with a smile and call you by name. It makes you feel special, like family. That is a rare commodity in the world today. Thank you for being there for me.

–Susan Carson

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Award of Excellence Awardee Veribest Cleaners

Recently I picked up my husband’s shirt from the dry cleaners and noticed a small red spot on the front of the shirt. I called the dry cleaner and asked to speak to the manager. The manager immediately came on the line, listened and then suggested that I return the shirt to the dry cleaner shop for a second cleaning. The manger told me that he would personally work on the spot and assured me that the spot would be removed. In the past I have used other dry cleaning services in San Diego. If I ever called to speak to a manager I was told that the manager was not available and to call back. Even if I called back the manager was never around to take my call. I am thoroughly pleased with the open communication and management style that recognizes complete customer satisfaction at Veribest Cleaners. When I picked up my husband’s shirt it was spot free and there was no additional charge! Between the excellent manager’s skills and the friendly front counter staff I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this dry cleaner to all my friends and family.

–Kathleen Wageman

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Award of Excellence Awardee Village Cleaners

I am writing to tell you my story about why I feel MY drycleaner is the VERY BEST!

I have been using Village Cleaners in New Milford for over 10 years and have never been anything but VERY PLEASED with the results! As a Human Service professional I am required to look my best at all times, and because I work with severely handicapped adults, it is often necessary for me to assist them with feeding, bathing, and personal hygiene which then puts me at risk for many types of spills, either from food, dirt, or medical ointments. At the end of the workday I almost always put things aside to bring to Village Cleaners where they have ALWAYS been able to get every spot out without damaging the article, fading it, or leaving any sort of mark that would bring attention to the reason I had brought it in the first place!

At other times, I have brought in favorite pieces of clothing and to be "freshened" up and look "newer.” Most of the time, these were articles that had not been brought to Village Cleaners at all, and had been washed many times and were either dull, drab, flat and without stiffeners. The staff is always HONEST and direct when they tell me what "could" be done, and what they MIGHT be able to do, as well as what they CAN do for that particular garment. AND THEY ARE ALWAYS ON TARGET! My clothing comes back EXACTLY as I had hoped it would, and the price is always as quoted!

I have recommended Village Cleaners many times and have never heard anything but pleasure from those people when they get their garments returned! I am amazed that their prices can remain reasonable, especially given the cost of things today. And I LOVE the COUPON CARDS and TOKEN cards I continue to get to help defray the costs - they always seem to come JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME TOO!


--Kathy Waters

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Award of Excellence Awardee White Way Dry Cleaners

I Love White Way Dry Cleaners because of the outstanding customer service they provide on a day in and day out basis. I am a busy business professional and at times am on the road quite a bit. Because of the erratic travel I am currently not signed up for the regular delivery service. This means that I have to call White Way to schedule a delivery. This was something that was going to be a challenge for me but decided to try the process. I can say that Dawn Angry has single handedly kept me engaged and loyal to White Way. They instituted a new email functionality that truly changed the way I use/interact with my dry cleaners. When I need a pick up on my schedule day I simply send an email to Dawn and she assures that the driver will stop by to pick up my dry cleaning.

Because I am a frequent customer I try and use the promotional coupons that are available every month. Dawn does a fantastic job of assuring I get credit for the coupon and that my account is properly updated.

The dry cleaning is great...but the customer service is outstanding and keeps me being a repeat customer for a lifetime.

--Newman H. Rochester, Jr.

Why do I love my Award of Excellence dry-cleaner? That's a very easy one to answer. It's because doing business there is no different than bringing my laundry to my own mother. The end result is exactly the same: Outstanding. And that's because the store manager, Cindy Jackson, operates the business at peak efficiency, and only with the best interests of customers in mind. What's more, not only is the dry cleaning superb, but the customer service is wrinkle free too. Now you tell me: What's better than that?

–Thomas J. Curran

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