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Towels and Stain Removal

TowelThe use of white hand towels on the stain removal board is an absolute necessity.

Following is a list of the many uses of towels.
  • Testing for colorfastness. Apply a small amount of the agent to an unexposed area of the garment. Observe if bleeding occurs onto the towel.
  • Working over a towel allows you to continually monitor dye bleeding by observing the degree of bleeding into the towel.
  • When wetting an area with steam, place a towel under the garment. This keeps the wet area smaller.
  • Apply the stain removal agent to a stain with a towel underneath the garment to keep the wet area smaller. The smaller the wet area, the easier it is to control rings.
  • Stains should be flushed into a towel, giving you the ability to measure if the stain is moving. It also helps prevent soils from collecting under the nose of the board.
  • All bleaches should be flushed into a towel so as not to damage the next garment you are working on.
  • Rust remover should always be flushed into a towel because it is corrosive to the metal and glass components of the stain removal board.
In the course of a normal day it is common to use many towels on the stain removal board. Be sure to keep your towels clean.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 5/31/2017 7:57:01 AM