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All membership plans require a 1-year commitment. Discounts apply for a one-time annual payment.

Services & Benefits

Member Favorites

Technical Advice & Analysis

Technical Phone Hotline
Technical Email Helpline
Garment Analysis 10 Free4 Free2 Free$36/garment
Drycleaning Encyclopedia Online Subscription $89/yr
Stain Solving App (iOS & Android)-
Profit Programs

Discount Credit Card Processing
Free Utility Audits
Free Business Insurance Reviews
Free Legal Services
Free Discount Prescription Cards
National Hanger Recycling Program

Regulatory Advocacy
Voting Privileges for DLI Board of Directors

DLI Social Networking Opportunities
Clean Show Registration2 Free1 Free$99 Each$99 Each
Five Star Management Registration 1 Free$395$595$595
Marketing & Outreach

National Community Service Program
Professional Marketing & Consumer Brochures
Free Website$89
Monday Morning Marketing Email Series $129
Additional Location Web Listing5 Free2 Free1 Free$29 per
Seal of Approval Main Plant Registration1 Free$380$480$580
Seal of Approval Main Plant Renewal1 Free$300$350$400
Education & Certification

CED, CPD, CPW Registration3 Free2 Free1 Free$299 per
CED, CPD, CPW Renewal3 Free2 Free1 Free$195 per
Cleaning & Stain Removal Course Registration1 Free$595$695$795
Two-Day Wetcleaning Course Registration2 Free$249$349$449
Five-Day Resident Course Registration2 Free$695$795$895
10-Day Resident Course Registration1 Free$1,149$1,249$1,349
15-Day Resident Course Registration2 Free$1,295$1,395$1,695
On The Road Course Registration1 Free$795$980$995
Self Study Courses4 Free2 Free$89 Each$89 Each
Online Training Library Monthly Subscription Free AccessFree Access$59/mo$59/mo
Quality Control

Laundry Performance Evaluations4 Free2 Free1 Free$35 per
Cleaning Performance Evaluations 4 Free2 Free1 Free$29 per
Secret Shopper Phone Evaluation12 Free6 Free1 Free$29 per
On Site Secret Shopper2 Free1 Free$60 per$60 per
Industry Knowledge

Hot Press Email Series
Fabricare Magazine
Heads Up! Email Series $129
Additional Location Subscription4 Free2 Free1 Free$138 per
Consumer Email Newsletter: Great ImpressionsFreeFree$399$399

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an annual payment instead of a monthly payment?

Yes, an annual payment option is available with a discount over the monthly price. To choose an annual payment pick your plan and the checkout page will allow you to choose the yearly option.

How can I renew my membership?

Your membership auto-renews a year from your membership sign-up date. You'll receive an email reminding you of your renewal date 30 days in advance.

What's the easiest way to pay for my monthly fee?

DLI makes it simple to make a payment by charging the credit card on file on the same date monthly. If for any reason you have any questions or concerns you can contact a representative immediately at 1-800-638-2627.

How can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your membership at any point during your contract. To do so, call a DLI representative at 1-800-638-2627 or email us at


David Machesney

"Here's the secret: 'The Best Team Wins.' The best leadership, talent, and training will produce the best employees who provide the best service to attract and retain the best customers which leads to the best bottom line. Now, the hard part is to find and train the best team possible. DLI definitely helps with that."

-David Machesney

"It's a big mistake to not belong to the Institute. You're going to lose business if you don't have the best information and the Institute to back you up when something goes wrong."

-Cheryl Yokawonis


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