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Variances in Colorfastness

Suits on a rack

Q: I have a suit that no longer matches after drycleaning all the pieces in the same load. How can this be possible?

A: Many times, matching pieces of an outfit are actually sold as separates. You buy a blue pair of slacks from one rack, a jacket, vest or skirt to complete the ensemble. These pieces may now match in color but may not even be the same size. The main problem of variances in colorfastness occurs due to the fact that these pieces are not made from the same bolt of fabric. This can also happen in outfits sold together as suits. The dye lots are different, thus the colorfastness may vary and fading of each piece to different shades can occur during cleaning. This could become noticeable after the first cleaning or after several cleanings. The cleaner can’t prevent this type of fading.

Sometimes, however, these corresponding pieces may have different care labels, with one piece suggesting drycleaning, while the other component piece says to wetclean. It is the cleaner’s responsibility to follow the care instruction of each piece of an outfit as labeled or he or she could be held responsible for any color changes from cleaning.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 5/11/2016 9:55:24 AM