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Water Separator

Water Separator

Q: I just purchased a plant that has a petroleum machine. The previous owner suggested I clean the water separator regularly but I really don’t know why. Everything is working fine right now.

A: There is always some moisture mixed with solvent. During recovery, water and solvent are separated in the water separator.

If the water separator is dirty and the water outlet is clogged, the water will overflow into the distilled solvent reserve tank. This will happen with a petroleum machine because the petroleum is lighter than the water. In the water separator, the outlet pipe for petroleum is located above the water outlet pipe.

If the water outlet is clogged, the water level will rise and overflow through the solvent outlet causing a mix of water and solvent in the distilled reserve tank. The solvent used from this tank will have excessive moisture, which will cause excessive wrinkling and shrinkage in the garments.

To avoid this type of mishap you must clean the water separator at least once a week.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 4/18/2016 8:00:26 AM