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What AoE Means To Consumers

What Does the Award of Excellence Mean?

The Award of Excellence achievement program was created in 2005 to provide a way for consumers to be able to find cleaners who have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and ability to provide quality drycleaning, and who are willing to commit to specific customer service principles.

The requirements to achieve the Award of Excellence honor include being able to successfully remove difficult stains from white silk, extensive educational and training requirements, and other items related to technical expertise and knowledge at that drycleaning plant.

In addition to the technical requirements, the program requires a commitment to customer service. This commitment is reflected in the Customer Service Pledge poster, which must be prominently displayed in the customer service area of the drycleaners and which is a required condition for receiving the Award of Excellence honor.

What Does That Mean To You, The Consumer?

The Award of Excellence is your guarantee that a drycleaner displaying a current Award of Excellence sign has passed difficult cleaning and stain removal tests, showing they are qualified to take care of your garments. The Award is also your guarantee that they adhere to the Award of Excellence customer service quality principles, which they must display prominently.

In short, the Award is about your piece of mind when using a drycleaner who has this achievement – and it means that this is also a drycleaner who you can feel comfortable recommending to a friend.

Once The Award Has Been Earned, Does It Stay With That Plant Forever?

The Award of Excellence program requires that the drycleaning plant be recertified each year in order to maintain the achievement. There are a number of core criteria that must be revalidated each year, and the plant must earn a specified number of educational, training, and related points each year.

Does The Award Apply To Every Store In A Drycleaning Chain?

No, it does not. The whole point of the Award of Excellence achievement is to guarantee to you, the consumer, that your clothes have been cleaned and pressed at the specific location where knowledge and training have been demonstrated. If you use a store which does drycleaning on the premises, that particular store had to qualify for the Award of Excellence achievement by itself. If you use a store or a route service where the clothes have been cleaned and pressed in a location that has achieved the Award of Excellence, then that store or route is also permitted to display the Award of Excellence.

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