About The Clothing Care Council

The Award of Excellence designation began in 2005 as a way for professional drycleaners to
demonstrate to their customers their commitment to quality in cleaning and service.

The requirements are structured so that a professional drycleaner of any size, and in any part of
the country, is able to achieve the Award.

The key to any drycleaner achieving the Award of Excellence honor is a dedication to their customers and to
providing the best service possible.

To achieve the Award, a drycleaning business must demonstrate exceptional levels of training and
knowledge by employees, their ability to completely remove difficult stains from white silk, commit to a comprehensive list of customer service principles, and more.

The guiding principles of the Award of Excellence are overseen by the Clothing Care Council (CCC).
The CCC is an advisory group of consumer advocates and clothing and fashion experts who review the (principles) of the program and recommend ways in which to improve it.

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