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What It Takes To Become An AOE Cleaner

  • An Award of Excellence cleaner is required to be a member of a national dry cleaning association offering education and training, research, and technical support.
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner must demonstrate that they are proficient at stain removal by removing several common but difficult stains including ink, coffee, nail polish from a white silk swatch, one of the hardest fabrics to remove common stains from
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner must complete a test that evaluates their cleaning performance, solvent clarity and soil removal. This means your whites will come out white, and your pastels will still be bright and crisp.
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner demonstrates their professionalism in a variety of ways including taking educational classes, using secret shoppers, and having their plant evaluated by a national association of cleaners.
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner must not have any unanswered complaints with the local Better Business Bureau. If the cleaner does have an unanswered complaint, they cannot earn the Award of Excellence.
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner must submit photos of their plant and storefront. Since we cannot inspect every plant in person, photos provide a means of evaluating the types of operation they run.
  • An Award of Excellence cleaner must display the Award of Excellence Customer Service Principles, and commit to fulfilling them.

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