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When You Want Something Done Wrong – Do It Yourself!

Dave Beatty From the President

I think one of the toughest things for a business owner to do, is to admit that a problem was his or her own fault. We are so busy and doing so many things at one time that we can't always spend enough time to do something as well as it could be done. If we didn't have anything else to do we may be able to do a task better than many other people could, but when you put it into the mix every day you are not able to do that task 100%. Also there are some things we are not able to do because we don’t have the proper equipment or training.

That's when you have to realize that some of your problems are from your own mistakes.  Also that you would be a better leader to give those responsibilities to someone else who can focus all of their attention on doing them right. How much better could you be if you had someone checking on your cleaning quality, your customer service at the counter and on the phone? How about someone to train your staff the right way either at your plant or at a school solely devoted to training people for a cleaners? - You need to have good information to make good decisions.

DLI can help you with all of this! Our staff can handle the testing of your cleaning quality with the cleaning performance tests. We do both drycleaning and laundry testing. We can handle the checking of your customer service with secret shoppers both on the phone and actual shoppers in your store. You can even use us to give you an idea of how your competitors are doing! DLI has a fantastic school to train your staff much better and faster than you would have time for without any interruptions. If you can’t send someone to school they have several "self study" courses you can give to your staff to do at your plant to sharpen their skills. How about someone to give you articles for a newsletter that you can send to your customers or someone to create your website? These are all included free in the premier membership or available individually!

Being a good leader means doing what is best for your business. Sometimes when you want something done right - You Have to Have Someone Else Do it For You!

Why not get started today? Give DLI a call at 800-638-2627 or go to dlionline.org and use the new interactive chat that pops up, (during business hours), to get whatever programs you would like started.

Thanks for your time,

Dave Beatty

DLI President 2016-2017

Owner of Murrysville Cleaners, Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/17/2017 9:14:17 AM