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"Wrinkle Free" Shirts



Q: I’m having a problem pressing shirts. Sometimes certain “wrinkle free” shirts come off the body buck with wrinkles and in some cases they cannot be removed. I see this a lot on the back of the shirt just below the center pleat. What is happening?


A: Many factors are involved in proper shirt finishing, such as fabric moisture content, time on the press, and proper press temperature. Your problem may simply be a case of not “dressing” the shirt correctly on the buck before sending it in to the hot plates. Take a little extra care to completely smooth the fabric before releasing it to the press. This step can be more critical for shirts labeled “wrinkle free” or “easy care.”


Something else to consider: the synthetic yarns of “permanent press” cotton and polyester blends become “soft” when hot. If the press temperature is hot enough and there are creases or folds in the fabric when it comes into contact with the press plates, permanent wrinkles could result.



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Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/10/2015 3:07:15 PM