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Video Takes $5,000 Prize in DLI Contest

Cleaning professionals, film students, and members of the general public sent 23 entries to DLI’s first-ever $5,000 video contest. To qualify, each video logged at least 100 views on YouTube. Collectively these videos have been seen tens of thousands of times. Please feel free to promote your favorite on your site or social media platforms.

Entries were capped at two minutes and could not promote a specific business. The goal was to promote drycleaning services in general. DLI members voted on their favorite videos and DLI’s Board of Directors selected the winner from finalists suggested by the membership vote.

Winner of DLI's Contest:

David Goehring - Feelin' Great


All Submissions:

Matthew Haugan - Old Fashioned Drycleaning

Durham Cleaners - Dry Clean Only

Max Wannow - Drycleaning Video

Doug, Anna, and Jordan Melven - Why We LOVE Dry Cleaning

Kendria Brown - Why Should "YOU" Use The Drycleaners?"

Ed Diederich - Drycleaner Evolution

Matthew Pyrch - DLI Contest Entry

Diego & Andres Fernandez - Hands

Andrew Goulian - #FreshPress

David Goehring - Feelin' Great

Sean, Heather, and Chad - The Heroic Drycleaner

Andrea Kramer - Office of the Dead

Paul Barnicki - DLI Contest Entry

Ed Diederich - Drycleaner Top 10

Crystal Poirier - Drycleaners make my day!

Reid Arnstein & Taylor Clark - Love Your Clothes

Brandon Callahan - The Magical Drycleaners

Hayley Stuber - DLI Contest Entry

Zeqi Guo - Make Your Life Easier

Kevin Kelly & Daria Taylor - The One That Almost Got Away

Dylan, Matt, & Nikhil - The Professionals

Elisabeth Montemurro - DLI Entry

Martin Ngo - Contest Commercial

Why a Video Contest?

“This program improves the image of our member drycleaners because it shows us as a modern service that is an important part of people’s lives and a necessary component to leading a happy and successful life,” said Dave Beatty, owner of Murrysville Cleaners in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and DLI’s District 2 Director, and creator of the contest idea.

“Several videos showyounger people, who are an important partof the Internet and all the other social media,” Beatty said. “It shows people who make you feel very comfortable and you could easily think of them as your friends and neighbors.It isnicely done so that the videos are like your good friend sharingthe secret of their success because they want you to do well also. This is somuch more powerful than a businessperson saying, ‘Come to me for your drycleaning.’ ”

DLI members are encouraged to share and post the video as it specifically promotes professional cleaning by a member of the Institute:

"If you got a sweater they can clean it nice

Use the DLI service, don't gotta think twice

They take the time and know what to do

Any kind of outfit -- it'll look brand new."

- "I Feel Great When I Get My Clothes Drycleaned"

“Our members benefit from the video contest because all the entries will get thousands of views which will help to convince current and future customers that it is both important and will make them happy to use our services,” Beatty said. “It shows average people having a great time and being very happy with their local cleaners.”

Based on the success of this program, it is likely that DLI will run a similar contest in the future to continue to raise awareness of the benefits of drycleaning.

“The more cleaners who embrace these videos and put them on their websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, andemails, etc., the more successful the program will become,” Beatty said. “We have more than 20 videos so everyone can find something they like and share.”