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DLI Partners with Starchup to Offer Smart Routes and Mobile Technology

Customer App DLI Members Get 15% Discount; Customers Can Order From Any Device

Pickup and delivery services are a great way to offer more convenience to drycleaning customers. Many customers want to be able to have their garments cleaned without having to come to a physical location. Many customers also want the flixibility to select their pickup and delivery times. Traditional routes rely on a fixed timetable so a customer can only send items in on say, Wednesdays or every other Tuesday.


In order to help members offer a more advanced route system, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute partnered with Starchup. Starchup is a digital platform that builds custom mobile/web apps and route management software for drycleaners. Cleaners are able to operate a smarter business through seamless ordering, delivery optimization, and streamlined customer management.


This service is custom branded for each cleaner and allows customers to place an order anytime from any device. Starchup helps DLI members run optimal routes, with the capability to offer static routes, on-demand service, or a hybrid of the two. Starchup's service allows members to minimize expenses and maximize income. The convenience of routes often produces increases in orders. Starchup has seen a 7% increase in order volume among cleaners who adopted the service, said Rob Johnson, Starchup's Head of Marketing.


All DLI members in good standing will receive a 15% discount when they sign up for Starchup.


Starchup's CEO, Nick Chapleau, said teaming up with DLI will help members offer a better customer service experience through technology. "Our partnership with DLI provides DLI members a unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the industry," he said.  The service will help by "optimizing delivery efficiency and targeting tech-savvy consumers to increase their bottom lines. It’s no secret that consumers are doing more of their spending online; Starchup helps DLI members capture this spending in a service that more than pays for itself."


DLI CEO Mary Scalco said the service would help members offer a new level of convenience for customers. "Like it or not the public perception is that most drycleaners are, generally, inconvenient, unnecessary, and behind-the-times," she said. "We're hitting this image problem head-on by offering this service. We're giving DLI members the opportunity to stand out as technologically-advanced, attuned to their customers' desires, and ready to serve any time.


"Implementing a system on this level is something many cleaners can't do on their own," Scalco said. "It's just too involved and detailed. Why re-invent the wheel when Starchup is more than willing to help."


What Does Starchup Do?


Streamline Pickup & Delivery

Seamlessly navigate pickups and deliveries using Starchup's route optimization.

                Offer and static routes and on-demand service

                Share pickup and dropoff ETA with customers 

                Confirm order completion directly from the driver app 

                Scan items on the delivery vehicle to enter into order database 

                Arrange on-demand deliveries with existing routes


Accept Orders from Any Device
Give customers the ability to place, track and manage their orders at any time from any device. 

                Go paperless with email receipts and in-app notifications 

                Set Recurring Delivery with a single click 

                Cross-platform ordering: in-store and mobile 


Cultivate Customer Engagement

Engage customers in new ways. 

                Send targeted promotions to segmented customer groups 

                Encourage customer feedback 

                Leverage positive reviews by automatically posting them to your website

and consumer sites 

                Reach new customers through a website we create for you 

                Engage and reward customers 


Learn more at www.DLIonline.org/Starchup
Download an infographic and summary sheet PDF.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 6/7/2016 12:12:55 PM