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Problems With Two Bolts

TwoboltsOver the years, DLI’s Garment/Textile Analysis Laboratory has received numerous complaints of articles that change color on certain panels during cleaning. This discoloration stops at the seam or panel edges and does not cross over onto the adjacent panels.

Colorfastness testing usually shows that the dyes used to color one of the bolts of material does not bleed or crock to solvent. The dyes used to color the other bolt of material usually crock or bleed excessively when exposed to drycleaning solvent. This suggests that the bolts of material were processed differently during manufacturing. The differences in processing cause the dyes and/or finishes on the fabric to react differently during cleaning.

Color changes due to the use of different bolts of material during manufacturing may occur in the first care process or may be progressive with each cleaning process. Although this type of damage shows up after cleaning, it can in no way be attributed to mishandling during cleaning. All cleaning procedures are total immersion processes and are not capable of causing localized discolorations.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/7/2018 8:54:59 AM