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Removing Mud Stains

Mud Stains
Most mud stains on washable items can be removed by washing the item according to the care instructions.

Let the mud dry, then brush off as much as possible using a soft bristle brush. Wash as usual using regular laundry detergent.

Mud stains on drycleanable items can be more difficult to remove since mud stains contain both oily components and water-soluble components. For mud stains on drycleanable items, follow the general procedure used for removing soils. First begin with dryside agents: volatile dry solvent, oily-type paint remover, and volatile dry solvent.

If dryside agents are unable to remove the stain, move on to wetside agents: steam or water, neutral synthetic detergent, ammonia or protein formula, 28% acetic acid or tannin formula, general formula, and rust remover. Use bleach as a last resort. Remember to test the nature of the fabric you are handling for colorfastness and/or damage to the fibers before using any stain removal agent.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 9/12/2018 11:42:50 AM