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Starchup: Digital Ordering and Delivery for Dry Cleaners

Starchup is a SaaS platform that builds custom mobile/web apps and route management software for dry cleaners. Cleaners are able to operate a smarter business through seamless ordering, delivery optimization, and streamlined customer management.


DLI members receive an exclusive 15% discount when they sign up for Starchup.

Starchup Benefits

Delivery: Streamline Pickup & Delivery

Seamlessly navigate pickups and deliveries using Starchup's route optimization.

  • Offer On-Demand and Static Delivery Routes
  • Share pickup and dropoff ETA with customer
  • Confirm order completion directly from the driver app
  • Scan items on the delivery vehicle to enter into order database
  • Give customers the option to order on-demand services
  • Arrange on-demand deliveries with existing routes

Ordering: Accept Orders from Any Device

Give your customers the ability to place, track, and manage their orders at any time from any device.

  • Go paperless with email receipts and in-app notifications
  • Set Recurring Delivery with a single click
  • Cross-platform ordering: In-store and mobile

Marketing: Cultivate Customer Engagement

Engage your customers in new ways!

  • Send targeted promotions to segmented customer groups
  • Encourage customer feedback
  • Leverage positive review by automatically posting them to your website and consumer sites
  • Reach new customers through a website we crate for you
  • Engage and reward customers

How It Works

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