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Encyclopedia of Drycleaning

DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning is your complete reference guide. Included in the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning are volumes and volumes of must-have information that can help you run your business more effectively.

To access the Encyclopedia of Drycleaning, please return to the main page and type your member number into the box at the left. Then, select the first link under the Members Only box that appears on the right.

DLI’s Encyclopedia of Drycleaning is updated regularly to include the most recent reference resources with a very quick and easy search function that makes finding the information you need fast and accurate.

Allied Trade, International and Silver and above members can access the Encyclopedia online here at This online access ensures that members will have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. The instant ease of access to specific information will make businesses look and perform more professionally.

The Encyclopedia includes:

  • Complete Issues of Fabricare
  • TABS
  • Industry Focus
  • Not in Vogue
  • Counter Sense
  • Marketing Methods
  • Shirt & Laundry Procedures
  • Regulatory & Legislative
  • Wetcleaning
  • Management Matters
  • Technical Operating Information
  • Health & Safety
  • OSHA
  • Special Reporters
  • Fabrics & Fashions
  • Monday Morning Breakfast Marketing Newsletter
  • Heads Up! For this Garment alerts