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Acid Damage on Cellulose Fibers

DLIís Garment/Textile Analysis Laboratory has seen holes in garments that contain cellulose fibers, such as cotton, rayon, linen, and ramie. The fabric is locally weak. Usually, some discoloration is ...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/1/2016 12:45:56 PM

Detached Sequins

Q: I cleaned a dryclean-only sequined dress in a net bag on a short cycle and all the sequins were removed. What went wrong? A: The sequins were held onto the fabric with a solvent-soluble glue. W...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 11/4/2016 12:28:14 PM

Silk Color Problems

After drycleaning, mysterious, local color loss sometimes occurs. Testing shows that the dye and sizing in the fabric are not affected by drycleaning solvents or water. Instead, the dye and sizing are...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 11/1/2016 2:36:07 PM

Color Changes

Q: A customer returned a pair of green pants stating that they were tan when she dropped them off. Is it possible for something like this to happen in the drycleaning process? A: Very often, two o...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 10/25/2016 3:09:04 PM

Problems with Athletic Jackets

Many problems can occur on athletic jackets when they are cleaned. In most cases, the garments have a woven body with leather or vinyl sleeves. Also, the garments are usually constructed with contrast...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 10/18/2016 1:42:31 PM